With the monday.com integration, you are able to automatically log calls to your boards and display important information from monday.com in your Aircall phone app when you make or receive calls. The best part is that setting up this integration is quick and easy!

If you are new to Aircall, please note that you must be on at least a Standard monday.com plan to use this integration.

If you are new to monday.com, we recommend you consult the monday.com Knowledge Base to gain familiarity with their platform. This article is geared towards existing monday.com users.

Board Configuration

To use the monday.com and Aircall integration, you’ll need two boards: the Aircall Calls board and a board that stores phone numbers.

Adding the Boards:

To create the Aircall Calls board, click “Add” → “Choose from template” → and then search for and add “Aircall Calls”

For your second board, depending on your team’s function and existing monday.com set-up, you may already have a board that stores phone numbers. If not, create a “Contacts” board by clicking “Add” → “Choose from template” → and then search for and add “Contacts”.

💡If you plan on using monday.com as a CRM solution, we recommend using the CRM template. This template includes a Contacts board.

Connecting the Boards:

Once you have these boards added, you will need to connect your Aircall Calls board to the board containing your phone numbers (either the Contacts board or an existing board that contains phone numbers).

If you are using a Contacts board: open your Aircall Calls board, scroll to the right, click the plus sign, and choose “Connect boards,” then select “Contacts”.

If you are using a phone number column in another board: open your Aircall Calls board, scroll to the right, click the plus sign, and choose “Connect boards,” then select the board that contains phone numbers.

💡 If you have multiple boards with the same name in different workspaces, make sure you connect to the appropriate board. We recommend using distinct names for boards to avoid confusion.

Once connected, you will be able to mirror columns between your Aircall Calls board and any other board that you choose. This means you can take valuable call information from your Aircall Calls board—outcomes, tags, recordings, and more—and mirror that data into relevant workspaces.

To learn more about mirroring columns and connecting boards, visit the monday.com Knowledge Base.

Using Automation Recipes to Create Insight Cards

Now that your boards are ready, the next step is to integrate them with Aircall.

Each board will have an 'Integrate' button that can be clicked:

This will take you to the 'Integrations Center' where you can search for 'Aircall' and click on 'Aircall Recipes.' This will take you to our two recipes for Insight Cards and Call Logging.

💡 An Insight Card is a screen-pop that appears in the Aircall phone whenever you receive an inbound call. It contains whatever information you choose to include—contact name, title, email, status, etc.—so that you can take calls with context and personalize conversations in an instant.

You will need to integrate the Insight Card recipe (pictured below) with the board that contains your phone numbers:

This recipe will be used to create Insight Cards, which push contact information from monday.com to your Aircall phone whenever you receive an inbound call.

If it is your first time integrating your monday.com account and Aircall, you will be prompted to authorize the integration:

Once authorized, you'll be asked to select an Aircall number to integrate with.

Once selected, you will be able to click 'Add Number' to continue to the configuration on monday.com.

⚠️ Please note that only calls to and from the Aircall numbers added to your integration will work in monday.com. Should you need to add or remove any numbers in the future, you can do so directly in the Aircall Dashboard by navigating to the Integrations page, clicking on your monday.com integration, and selecting 'Add or remove numbers:

You will be prompted to choose the column in your board that contains phone numbers, which can be any column with the type “phone”. You will also be prompted to choose two columns of information to push to your Insight Cards. In our example, we've chosen to show each contact's Company and Email.

With these selections, your Insight Card will look like this:

Feel free to add as many Insight Card recipes as necessary should you need more than two pieces of information for each call, or should you want to search multiple columns for phone numbers (i.e. searching for both work and mobile numbers on each contact)!

⚠️ Please note that you must enter your contacts’ numbers in E.164 format, as this is currently the only supported format with the integration.

Using Automation Recipes to Log Calls

To log calls in monday.com, you will need to integrate the Call Logging recipe (pictured below) with your Aircall Calls board:

Simply click on 'Add to board' to add this recipe to the respective boards.

You will want to integrate the second recipe with your Aircall Calls board. Please make sure that you have your Aircall Calls board connected to the board containing phone numbers before continuing with this recipe. You'll be prompted to choose how your Aircall information is mapped into your Aircall Calls board columns, which columns in the Aircall Calls board you would like calls to be linked to, and which board you would like calls to be linked to.

When mapping your Aircall information to your Aircall Calls board, you will have the following information fields from Aircall as options:

Aircall Agent email

The email of the Aircall User who made or received the call, as it is saved in Aircall.

Aircall Agent name

The name of the Aircall User who made or received the call, as it is saved in Aircall.

Aircall Call Direction

The direction of the call: Inbound or Outbound.

Aircall Call Id

A unique ID provided for each call which can be sent to Aircall Support for help troubleshooting specific call examples.

Aircall Call Outcome

The Aircall defined Call Outcome: Inbound Answered, Missed, Voicemail, Outbound Answered, Unanswered. Please be aware that outbound calls connected to voicemails or automated messages will be marked as “Outbound Answered.”

Aircall Call Status

The status of the call.

Aircall line name

The name of the Aircall number that made/received the call.

Aircall line number

The actual Aircall number that made/received the call.


The notes left on the call in Aircall.

External number

The actual number that made/received the call to/from Aircall (i.e. the contact’s number).


The tags left on the call in Aircall.

Call Answered At

The date and time the call was answered at.

Call Ended At

The date and time the call was hung up at.

Call Started At

The date and time the call was initially dialed at.

Asset Link

The recording link which contains either the call recording or voicemail.

In our example we've selected to map Aircall information to all of the columns in the Aircall Calls board and then to link calls back to our Contacts Board.

In that final example, you can link calls back to the board that contains your phone number (if you are not using a Contacts board).

A couple of important things to note:

  • While you are able to map information in whatever way you deem best, we strongly recommend making sure to link:

    • Comments to the Comments column

    • Tags to the Tags column

    • Asset Link to the Recording/Voicemail column

  • Any text columns you have will allow you to map multiple Aircall fields.

This way, all Aircall notes, tags, and recordings are logged to the accurate place in your board.

For a full best practices on mapping the fields, please follow this guide:

monday.com Calls Board Column

Aircall Field


Aircall Call Direction & Aircall line name
*You can add as many fields into this column as you want, along with text

Call ID

Aircall Call ID

Call Direction

Aircall Call Direction

Call Status

Aircall Call Status


Aircall Call Outcome

External Phone Number

External number

Aircall Number Name

Aircall line name

Aircall Number Digits

Aircall line number

Aircall Agent Name

Aircall Agent name

Aircall Agent Email

Aircall Agent email





Created At

Call Started At

Answered At

Call Answered At

Ended At

Call Ended At

Recording/Voicemail Link

Asset Link

Viewing Calls

After adding the automation recipes to the appropriate boards, you are ready to start using Aircall with monday.com!

To view your calls, we recommend opening a Contact’s Item Card view, where you can see all inbound and outbound calls with that contact:

If you are using a Contacts board, it is strongly recommended that you link your boards as suggested above so that you can have a centralized view of all your calls with contacts via the Item Card page.

💡 If your monday.com account has been updated to the latest version you may not have the “Item Card” view. If so, please open up any item, click on “Add View” in the top right, and select “Item Card”. Within the Item Card click on “Add widget”, then “Connected boards”. Open up the connected boards widget settings and select the “link to Calls” option.

If you would like to see a log of all inbound and outbound calls, you can view them in the Aircall Calls board:

💡 Viewing calls in a Contact’s Item Card is the most effective way to leverage call data, as it provides a comprehensive timeline of interactions with that contact. The Aircall Calls board is a repository of all calls.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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