Companies now have the ability to enable signing into Aircall via Google accounts. When enabled, Admins and Users will be able to use their Google credentials to log in to the Aircall Phone application.

By default, once Google Sign-In has been enabled, all Users will be required to use their Google account to sign in, and will no longer be able to use their previous Aircall credentials. Should any Users need the ability to sign in with their native Aircall credentials in addition to their Google credentials, they will need to be set as a “Privileged User” to allow this. This can be a helpful feature for Users who maybe do not have a Google email with your company. All Admins will automatically be set as “Privileged Users.”

⚠️ Please note: Adding new members/emails to your Google account will not automatically add them into Aircall. Admins will still need to create/invite each new User by following these steps before they will be able to sign in.

Enabling Google Sign-In

At the moment, enablement will need to be done manually by Aircall. If you would like Google Sign-In enabled for your company, please have an Admin reach out to your Account Manager. After your company has been enabled, should any users need to be made “Privileged Users,” you can request this from your Account Manager as well.

In the future, Aircall will be adding a feature for Admins to manage both enablement/disablement and “Privileged Users” directly within the Dashboard.

⚠️ Please note: All Users will be logged out each time Google Sign-In is enabled or disabled for your company. Any ongoing calls will not be interrupted, but each user will need to sign back in before making or receiving new calls. Users will still be able to tag and leave notes on the completed call before being prompted to log back in. The logout will occur one hour after the enablement/disablement is made.

⚠️ Additionally: All Admins and Users must be migrated to our new authentication system in order for Google Sign-In to be enabled. The best way to ensure this migration is completed is to have all Users and Admins sign out and back into Aircall.

Logging in with Google

Users will see an option on the Desktop, Web, Mobile, and CTI Phone applications, as well as recording link pages and the browser extensions, to “Sign in with Google.” Once enabled, Users will be able to click this button to be redirected to their Google account where they will complete signing in.

⚠️ Please note: Google Sign-In is currently not available for the Dashboard.

Benefits of Google Sign-In

Using Google Sign-In allows a more streamlined experience for users. Instead of requiring individual credentials for both Aircall and Google, users are now able to use one log-in for both!

Additionally, by delegating your credentials management to Google, you are now able to have full control over the password requirements you want to enforce. For example, Google lets you define a minimum password length for users, as well as when passwords expire, and enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), meaning you are able to strengthen security to your own standards and enforce password compliance.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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