When you are ready to purchase a number in Aircall, you may see that the number requires additional documentation in order to be activated.

📚 If you would like to understand more about these requirements, you can learn about them through this guide.

Once the number has been created, you can choose to submit the information immediately or skip it until later.

Please be aware that if you choose to skip, the number will remain in your Inactive Numbers section and you will be unable to make and receive calls until the documentation has passed verification.

The number will appear as follows in the Inactive Numbers section of the Numbers page:

If you click on the number, you will also see the following error message:

From here, you may select either the Verify number button or the Submit button to begin the process of verifying your number.

⚠️ Please be aware that while numbers are inactive, they will not appear:

  • in your Aircall Phone Application.

  • in the Aircall Analytics.

If you choose to submit the information immediately, you will need to select Submit Information Now.

Next, you will need to select the information you'd like to provide (either as a company or a company representative). To find out which documents are needed for each country, please check out our guide on Phone Numbers Regulatory Requirements.

Finally, you will need to complete all of the information required in the form, upload your documents, and select Submit. Once your address and identity documents have passed verification, you will receive a confirmation email and your number will move to the Active numbers section.

Pending and Rejected Numbers

Pending Numbers

Once you have submitted all of the necessary information and supporting documents, your number will remain in the Inactive section of your Numbers until it has been approved. The number will appear with an Awaiting approval badge (as pictured below) while the information is pending review.

As soon as your information has been validated, the number will move to your Active Numbers section and you will be able to make and receive calls. 🎉

Rejected or Invalid Numbers

If you receive a rejection notice on the information you submitted, the number will appear with a Not valid notification badge, as pictured below:

If you click on the number, you will also see the following error message:

From here, you may select the Not valid or Submit button to resubmit any rejected or invalid information.

⚠️ As an Admin user, you will be responsible for resubmitting the correct information.

After you have completed the resubmission, the number will resume back to a pending status until approved.

⚠️ Please take note that some countries may require more processing times than others.

🔗 To have an overview of numbers country coverage, please refer to this link.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and

we will be happy to assist!

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