⚠️ Please note: This version of the Dashboard is currently in the early access phase. As we gather feedback, features and sections may be updated or changed.

If you are an Admin user, you will be able to access and manage User settings for yourself and others within your Aircall account.

In the User settings, you will be able to update Profile Information, view associated Numbers and Teams, set Working Hours, define Call Preferences, and determine Email Notifications that you would like to receive.

If you want to go to your personal settings, you can easily access your Profile by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Dashboard.

If you would like to access other users' settings, you will need to select them from the Users section in the left-hand navigation menu.

User Settings

General information -

In this section, you can upload a profile picture, view or change your password, account role, language, extension number, or update personal information like your name and email.

Numbers & Teams -

From the Numbers & Teams tab, you can view phone numbers and teams associated with a user. In the Numbers section, you can also set a default number for calling out.

Working Hours -

Here, you can set your custom working hours and update your availability status. Learn more about how to configure custom working hours here.

Call Preferences -

Set your calling preferences here. These preferences include number displayed to callers, default phone prefix, ringtone, and post-call wrap-up time. These preferences can also be set in the Aircall Phone application. See how here.

You may also set up Forward call to external number or Forward calls to SIP device features in this section. See how to set this up here.

Notifications -

In this section, you may determine which Email Notifications that you would like to receive for your calling and account activity. These notifications include Voicemails, Calls assigned to you, Invoices, Daily summary of calls to follow up, Activity report, and Webhooks automatically disabled.

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