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The Respect Queuing Time (or RQT) feature, allows you to configure your calls to continue ringing for the maximum queue time established for your team, regardless of the agent status.

By default, the Respect Queuing Time will be toggled OFF from the Dashboard of each number.

When toggled OFF, calls will move directly to the next distribution level when all agents are offline or set to Do Not Disturb. When toggled ON, calls will respect the established queuing time, even if all agents are offline or set to Do Not Disturb, except in the case that all agents decline the call.

If you would like to toggle RQT ON to have calls wait in queue regardless of if agents are disconnected from, or set to Do Not Disturb in the application, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Dashboard.

  • Select the Number you would like to enable RQT for. You can also search for the number in the search bar on the right side of the screen.

  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Under Call Distribution Options, you will find Respect Queuing time.

  • Click the button to toggle it on.

Agent Status

In Aircall, you will have the following Agent Statuses (please see below). Some statuses will be treated differently by our routing based on if RQT is ON or OFF.

Agent Availability Status




The call will remain in the queue.

The call will skip.

In-call (busy)

The call will remain in the queue.

The call will remain in the queue.

After-Call Work *mandatory tagging or wrap-up time (busy)

The call will remain in the queue.

The call will remain in the queue.

Do Not Disturb

The call will remain in the queue.

The call will skip.


The call will ring.

The call will skip.

RQT and Ringing Agents Directly

When RQT is enabled, the ring time for agents (25 seconds) will also be respected. This means any calls that ring agents directly (outside of a team) via the call distribution or via dialing by extension will ring for 25 seconds even if the user is set to do not disturb. If an agent is set to do not disturb when RQT is OFF, any call that reaches them directly will skip the agent or go to voicemail if dialed by extension.

Important Note

Although calls will continue ringing even if all users are unavailable, they will stop ringing to any users who decline the call. If all users in a team decline a call, the call will skip to the next team, bypassing RQT.

⚠️ Users who switch their availability from Busy or Available to Do Not Disturb, or who log out, while a call is ringing to them will be counted as declining the call.

📚 Learning how to utilize this feature for your team can be better seen when setting up your Aircall number or Understanding Call Routing.

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