The hustle and bustle of business mean that there is little time for waiting and no time for error, especially when you are running a support center and you do not want your customers to be affected by long queue times.

Taking advantage of Aircall's callback feature is a great way to boost your customer satisfaction and reduce the number of abandoned calls. By enabling this feature, your callers will be able to push the star * button at any time during the call to request a callback. Your team members will be alerted through a notification created in the inbox section of your phone app.

✅ In order to make use of this feature, you must first be subscribed to the Professional Plan (formerly enterprise).

How to activate this feature

  • Log in to the Dashboard.

  • Select the Number you would like to configure. You can also search for the number in the search bar on the right side of the screen.

  • Click the Settings tab.

  • Under Settings, scroll down to Callback request.

Select the toggle button to enable Callback Request.

Finally, update your Welcome Message to let your customers know that they can push the star * button at any time to receive a callback from a member of your team.

⚠️ Please take note that the button must be pushed prior to reaching either the Absence Message or Voicemail. It cannot be pushed within these messages. Additionally, the Callback feature will only work on Classic numbers.

Callback requests in the To-Do Section

Once a customer pushes the star * button, it will automatically appear in the To-do list section of the phone app under the Callback request section:

⚠️ Please note that this will only appear in the To-Do section of the Aircall Phone for the users who are assigned to the specific phone line where the feature is enabled.

Within the Analytics, this will be shown as a Missed call, but with the tag Callback Request. Once you have called back the customer, the tag will change to Callback Request / Called Back.

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