Our new and improved Dashboard is designed to improve the Admin user experience, improve performance, and align more with the agent Phone application. In this article, we will explore the new and updated features.

Once you have logged into the Dashboard, you will now land on the Numbers page by default, replacing the Home page. From here, you will find several changes.

Sidebar Navigation

The navigation in the sidebar has been reorganized so that Admins can reach important sections with fewer clicks, and navigate the dashboard more efficiently.

What's new?


You will find a new tab in the Numbers section labeled Inactive Numbers. All numbers that need to be validated or are invalid will be listed here, separating them from Active numbers.

In the Numbers list you will find:

  • SMS-enabled numbers will be indicated by an SMS badge.


Now, you can conveniently access the Users section directly from the navigation sidebar. Previously, Users were found under the Teams section.

In the Users list you will find:

  • Availability status has replaced extension numbers.


The Teams section has a slightly different layout, with the Create Team button located in the upper right-hand corner.

We have also added a full emoji keyboard for Team emojis.

Call & Stats

This section has been rearranged. Analytics is now a first-level item in the sidebar with the new title “Stats”, along with Call Settings and Activity Feed.

Stats (formerly Analytics)

Analytics is now structured in 4 subsections.

  • Overview (replaces the page displayed when clicking Calls & Stats in the old dashboard)

  • Analytics

  • Analytics+

  • Monitoring

My Company (formerly Account)

Account has been renamed as My Company and moved to the bottom of the navigation sidebar.

  • In the Plan tab, we have improved the information available about your current plan and included a complete overview of all subscription plans.

  • In the Billing tab, we have now added the payment status for invoices.

Integrations & API

Formerly found within Account, API keys are now available in the
Integrations & API section.

Top Bar

The top bar now hosts your Personal profile, Help, and Feedback section. It is visible throughout the dashboard and never changes.

What's new?

Personal profile

This section hosts the Edit profile option (previously accessible only by clicking on your user in the Users list) and the Log out action. Now you can edit your personal information or conveniently log out, all in one place.


This section replaces the ? icon in the old dashboard, without any further changes.


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Notable changes

Upgrading your Plan

When a feature is not available for the current Plan you are subscribed to, you will see the feature in a disabled state with the option to upgrade.

Pages and Subsections

Subsections of a page are now organized in tabs, replacing the previous expansion of the sidebar, additional side menu (e.g. User details page), and sliding window on the right side of the screen (e.g. Business Hours settings for Numbers).

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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