Setting up your number is an important step in making sure that your team is ready to make and receive calls. If you are an Aircall admin, you will be able to access the Numbers page from the Dashboard to do so.

How to set up your Aircall Number

Customize Music & Messages

  • Log in to the Dashboard.

  • Select the Number you would like to set up. You can also search for the number in the search bar on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Under the Call Distribution section, you will find a flow chart (as pictured below):

  • You will be able to customize the Welcome Message, After Hours message, Unanswered call message, Waiting Music, and Music on Hold.

📚 For more information about music and messages, please visit this page.

Add Users and Teams to the Call Distribution

  • Click on the plus sign to add users and teams to the Call Distribution.

  • Once you have added all of the desired users and/or teams, you can then freely drag and drop the order to set up the cascade order via the number flow diagram.

  • If you have assigned a team to the call distribution of the line, you will be able to define the queue length and the ringing rules.

Ringing Rules

  • Simultaneous: Aircall will ring to all available users, as well as wait for any busy user to become available again (they will be added back into the distribution if they become available before the end of the team queueing time).

  • Random: A call will ping to a random available user on the line or team.

    ⚠️ Please keep in mind that if you select Random ringing, calls will not ping in an equal round-robin, but rather ping to random available users. This means that it could ping to the same available user more than once. There is no precise algorithm followed.

  • Longest Idle: Aircall will ring to the user who has been 'Idle' for the longest amount of time. Should that user not answer, the call will ring to the user with the next longest idle time.

📚 For more information about Aircall's Team feature, please visit this page.

If you want to see the users assigned to a team, you need to click on the three dots located on the right-hand side of the team's name and select Go to team's page.

Set up Business Hours

  • Under the Business hours tab, you will see the options to configure the business hours.

  • You can choose from: always open, always closed, or custom.

  • You can select the timezone, the days, and specific time slots your lines are open and closed, as well as close or open the phone line.

  • Once you set up the business hours, click on Save changes.

📚 For further information about configuring your Aircall Phone line's business hours, please visit this page.

Enabling Respect Queuing Time (RQT)

Enabling the Respect Queuing Time allows you to configure your calls to stay within the maximum queue time established for your team that is assigned to the phone number regardless of the agent status.

If you would like to toggle RQT ON to have calls waiting in queue regardless of if agents are Offline or set to Do Not Disturb in the application, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Select the Settings tab.

  • Under Call Distribution Options, you will find Respect Queuing time.

  • Click the button to toggle it ON.

You can also modify the Call Recording settings and add users to the Outgoing Calling Only section while setting up your number.

📚 Setting up your classic number is a breeze, but learning to set up your IVR number might take a little more practice.

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