What countries are able to be ported into Aircall?

🔗 Please visit aircall.io/countries or here for more information.

Will my service be interrupted during the process?

There should not be any service interruption when porting your numbers to Aircall. However, depending on the efficiency of your losing carrier, there can be a small downtime. Please note that this is a rare occurrence and Aircall works to ensure that there are no delays.

How long is the typical porting timeline?

The porting timeline is typically about 10 to 15 business days for a US/Canada number to port upon submission of the signed LOA (Letter of Authorization) to the carrier for processing, provided that the form is filled out correctly and there aren't any rejections from your current carrier.

⚠️ Please note SMS can take up to 2 to 3 business days to be available after porting.

The port could be scheduled sooner or later depending on the reactivity of the losing carrier.

Address Verification

Please keep in mind that some numbers require supplementary information in order to be fully linked to your account. Such as a valid address in the same country or a business registration certificate. Please refer to our requirements here.

Are we able to cancel or pause the porting request?

Once the porting process has begun, we are able to cancel the porting process within 2 days of the approval and scheduled porting date, however canceling or rescheduling a port is not recommended, as it may increase the possibility of downtime.

What will we need to do once the porting date is confirmed?

Once the porting date is set, your porting specialist communicates that date to you on the ticket and we input your numbers in your Aircall account prior to that port date so you can set up your Aircall number, configure the routing, add users, set up music and voicemail, and upload any required regulatory documents.

What will we need to have completed before porting?

Prior to porting, make sure everyone has headsets, the Aircall app is downloaded, and that everyone will be joining a training session so they know how to field calls.

We also offer an admin training session for those that will have admin access.

If we are porting multiple phone numbers, will the phone numbers all port at the same time?

If you are porting multiple numbers, it is possible that your phone numbers could port on different dates.

Are we able to request a specific porting date for our number(s)?

We can request a porting date, but it’s not guaranteed. As it is chosen between our carrier and your current carrier.

Porting Basics

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Porting Team and we will be happy to assist!

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