Now that you have learned about Aircall's Analytics features, let’s take a look at narrowing down the data you need to assess your call activity. This is important in making the necessary adjustments to help your team reach its goals.

Accessible from the Dashboard (if you are an admin and subscribed to the Professional plan), this feature provides you with a detailed view of call activity, customer service metrics, and team productivity.

What filters can you apply?

For these options, you can select them individually or combine them to narrow down your results.

  • date and range - search calls within a defined date range

  • outgoing calls- search for calls made only when your lines are open or closed or by a specific time

  • by number - search for inbound and outbound calls for only one number or by several numbers

  • by teammate - search for inbound and outbound calls for one teammate or by several teammates

  • by team - search for inbound answered calls by a team or select several teams

    ⚠️ Please note that the results shown with this filter will only populate inbound call data as teams cannot perform outbound calls. It is not possible to view missed call data by teams. Finally, do not forget to assign your teams to a number in order to see call metrics for teams!

  • by tag - search for calls that have been tagged with one or more specific tag(s)

Once you have applied the desired filters, feel free to export this information via the export button to an excel file.

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