Setting up the Call Distribution for your number is an important step in making sure that your line is ready for use. If you are an Aircall admin, you will be able to access the Call Distribution tab in the Dashboard by selecting a number in the Numbers page list.

Within the Call Distribution tab, you will find the number flow diagram. Here, you can customize your phone line by deciding who to send calls to and what messages your callers will hear.

Let's explore how to configure each Call Distribution option.

Voicemail, Music, and Messages

Configuring these features allows you to communicate to your customers when your lines are closed, your agents might be busy, or to simply play some pleasant waiting music while waiting to be connected.

📚 Learn how to configure music and messages for Classic and IVR numbers.

Adding Users and Teams

Classic Number Options

Once you have created your Team and Users, you can now add them to the phone lines of your choice.

  • Click Add an option from the number flow

  • Select Add Team or Add a User

Adding a Team

Search for the team you would like to add. Select Confirm to save.

If you have assigned a team to the call distribution of the number, you will find additional options to define the queue length and ringing rules for your team.

📚 Learn more about Aircall's standard Ringing options for Teams.

Adding a User

Search for the user you would like to add. Select Confirm to save.

If you have assigned one user to a phone number, then the ringing time will also be customizable. You can set a value between 10 and 3600 seconds depending on your business needs.

⚠️ Please note that you cannot choose a value lower than 10 seconds or higher than 60 minutes.

⚠️ Please also note that changing the ringing time for a user on one number will change their ringing time on all numbers. This ringing time will not affect how long the user rings when part of a Team.

Once you have added all of the desired users and/or teams, you can then freely drag and drop the order to set up the cascade order via the number flow diagram.

Ringing Rules for Numbers

In addition to setting the ringing rules for your teams, each Aircall number has two additional options you can toggle on and off - Respect Queue Time (RQT) and Priority Line.

📚 Learn more about these features located in the Settings tab for Numbers.

Setting up IVR Redirection options

IVR Numbers

You can choose to redirect to an internal or external number or create a new number in the tree.

  • Click Add an option from the number flow

  • Choose the Key selection and Option type for redirection

  • Once you have selected all your redirection options, click Confirm to save.

If the caller fails to make a selection when calling an IVR number:

  • Admins can choose if the IVR message will be replayed.

⚠️ Please note that the replay of the IVR message is turned on by default.

  • Admins can choose to forward the call to an internal or external number. Under the call distribution of your IVR number, you need to click on Route to another option and add the fallback number.

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