Monitoring Overview

  • Global KPI’s Breakdown

  • Number KPI’s Breakdown

  • User KPI’s Breakdown

  • Last Week’s User Availability

Through Analytics+, you will also have access to a secondary dashboard called Monitoring. Once you have qualified for access to Analytics+, the Monitoring dashboard will be included in the package. This dashboard provides the ability to drill down on your users, teams, and lines on an hourly basis through several interactive charts and data exports via .CSV file.

Monitoring provides a micro view of the activity within your team and on your phone lines, which ultimately, will allow you to track and measure your company’s KPIs and to use Aircall to its full potential.

As with the Analytics+, you will be able to make use of new advanced filters that allow you to break down your data by user, team, and line activity.

How to access Monitoring

  • Log in to the Dashboard

  • Select Stats located in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen

  • Click on Monitoring

  • Use the filters to sort through the data you’re looking for

  • Click on Update located on the right-hand side of the page


At the header of the Monitoring page, you will see a filter drop-down which will allow you to filter by:

  • Date

  • Date Breakdown (hourly, daily, monthly) *time aggregation in 24- hour time

  • Business Hours

  • User

  • Inbound SLA (in seconds)

  • Timezone

⚠️ Please note that these pre-set filters are not customizable.

You will also be able to download as a PDF, or download as a .CSV. You can do so by navigating to the upper right-hand corner of the filter section.

The data displayed in each chart be defined by the selected data period applied in the filters. Do keep in mind that the chart is interactive and provides the ability to hover over elements and click on data to get more of a drill-down of the data.

Global Call KPI’s Breakdown

The Global Call KPI’s chart allows you to view specific performance details on your lines in Aircall through the following fields:

  • Date & hour

  • Total Inbound Calls

  • Total Outbound Calls

  • Answered Inbound

  • Percent of answered inbound

  • Percent answered within SLA

  • Missed Inbound

  • Percent Missed Inbound not called back*

  • Average inbound duration

  • Average outbound duration

  • Average wait time

*The data provided on missed calls is calculated within the 24-hour period.

⚠️ Average inbound/outbound durations are calculated from the moment the call begins or ends.

⚠️ Inbound SLA includes the Welcome message/ IVR message. You can edit the SLA to be longer based on the duration of the Welcome/IVR message.

Number KPI’s Breakdown

In this chart, you’ll have access to your call KPI’s grouped by your numbers. This data will be drilled down into the following fields:

  • Total Inbound Calls

  • Total Outbound Calls

  • Answered inbound

  • Percentage of answered inbound

  • Percentage answered within the SLA

  • Missed inbound*

  • Missed inbound not called back*

  • Percentage missed inbound not called back

  • Average inbound duration

  • Average outbound duration

  • Calls average waiting answered

  • Average inbound abandon

  • Average wait time

  • Call average time in IVR

*The data provided on missed calls is calculated within the 24 hour period.

*Average inbound/outbound durations are calculated from the moment the call begins or ends.

User KPI’s Breakdown

The User KPI’s Breakdown allows you to see microdata on your users' and teams' call and application activity. You will see the information categorized into the following sections:

  • User Name

  • Ringing attempts

  • Outbound connected calls

  • Ringing attempts answered

  • Percent answered within SLA

  • Ringing attempts missed

  • Any missed calls called back by agent

  • Declined inbound by user

  • Transfers by user

  • Avg Time on All Calls

  • Avg Time on Inbound Calls

  • Avg Time on Outbound Calls

  • Total Time on Available status (Desktop)

  • Total Time on Available status (Mobile)

  • Total Time on In Call status

  • Total Time on Do Not Disturb status

  • Total Time on After Call Work status

  • Total Time on Hold status

  • Total Time on In Training status

  • Total Time on On A Break status

  • Total Time on Out For Lunch status

  • Total Time on Back Office status

  • Total Time on Other status

⚠️ Please note: After-call work takes into consideration the time spent in wrap-up time or stuck in mandatory call tagging if activated

Last Week’s User Availability Overview

In this chart, you will see information about individual users’ phone activity for the previous week only. This is displayed by:

  • User Name

  • First sign-in

  • Last sign-in

  • Total time signed in

⚠️ Please note: Total time does not consider the time spent in do not disturb or logged out of the phone entirely

If you would like to get more insights on how Analytics+ can help your team, simply reach out to your Sales or Account manager to request a demo.

What is not available in Monitoring?

⚠️ Please note: Once Analytics+ has been enabled, it can take approximately one hour for data to be populated. By default, a few weeks of your data will be added for Analytics+, and not your entire history of data.

Monitoring is also not available for customization at this time.

⚠️ This new section of the Analytics+ is also not to be confused with Aircall's Activity Feed. Meaning, it does not capture real-time data. The data here is automatically refreshed every two hours.

📚 If you would like to learn more about the Analytics+ Dashboard, refer to our guide.

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