Easily connect Aircall with your business tools and configure settings directly in the Dashboard.

If you are an admin user, you can manage your integrations and generate API keys within the Integrations & API section of the Dashboard. Let's explore the options in the available tabs.

My Integrations

In this section, you will find a list of all the currently connected integrations, both Active and Inactive.

Select an integration from the list to access settings, add or delete numbers, or delete the integration.

Discover Integrations

Browse integration options right within the Dashboard.

Select an option from the list to start connecting your tools and installing the integration.

🔗 For more information, check out our App Marketplace.

API Keys

Generate a new API key or delete an existing one.

🔗 For more information, you can browse our complete documentation.

📚 For information on specific integration configuration instructions, see our integrations collection.

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we will be happy to assist!

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