To comply with local regulatory requirements, Aircall is required to have accurate and complete information on its customers which may require you to provide information such as your name and address to purchase and activate phone numbers on Aircall’s Network. Accompanying documentation may also be required in the form of a business registration excerpt and/or a copy of a government-issued ID.

How and which data should I provide?

The required information and documentation is listed at the time of purchase of a phone number on Aircall’s dashboard, and constitutes the Regulatory Information Set (RIS). Aircall asks you to complete the RIS and submit it for review. To get more information on how to submit a RIS, you can refer to this guide.

⚠️ In the event you cannot provide the data requested, Aircall will be unable to provision and/or activate the phone number requested.

Upon submission of a RIS, it may take on average up to 48 to 72 business hours for Aircall to review and verify the data provided to meet the local regulatory requirements.

Once your RIS is validated, you will receive an update letting you know whether your RIS has failed or passed the verification checks.

Please note that address data submitted and verified for a specific phone number may be reused for purchasing additional phone numbers in the same geographic area. You may be requested to provide a new RIS, such as a local address and accompanying documentation, to obtain a phone number in a different location.

Aircall may also send regulatory compliance communications asking you to update your RIS where changes in the regulations or notifications from carriers require us to collect additional information from you.

🔗 You can find the rules per region here.

How will my data be protected?

At Aircall, data privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All information is securely collected and your data is encrypted and protected to keep it safe. For more information about the security measures applied to protect your data, please consult Aircall’s Security page. For more information about how Aircall will use your information, please consult Aircall’s Privacy Policy.

📚 Learn more about the Dashboard flow.

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