The user/dashboard roles you have allocated to each user on your Aircall account determine some of the tasks they are able to perform. The four sets of privileges or permissions are Agent, Admin, Supervisor, and Owner.

Let’s look at the biggest differences between them:


This privilege level allows access to the Aircall application but does not allow access to the Dashboard. The user can make and receive calls from the app and define personal preferences, however, they cannot modify number settings or preferences from an overall account level.


This privilege level allows access to both the Aircall application, as well as the Dashboard. Through the Dashboard, an admin can:


This role is designed for users who need to supervise and report on team performance. With this privilege level, users can:

However, this privilege level does not allow access to managing users and roles.


Finally, this role is designed for those who need to manage user access as well as more sensitive data such as their Aircall plan. This privilege level allows users to:

  • Add, configure, and delete users (including editing and creating other Owners, Admins, Supervisors, and Agents)

  • Access all tabs in the My Company section of the Dashboard, including plan and billing information.

This does not include access to the Dashboard or the ability to manage numbers and teams.

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