Connect integrations, set business hours, and view teams & users associated with the phone lines for your business.

If you are an Aircall admin, you will be able to access the Integrations, Business Hours, and Users & Teams tabs in the Dashboard by selecting a phone number in the Numbers list.


View integrations currently connected to the number, or add a new one.

Edit or remove an existing integration by clicking on the three dots to open the options menu. Click on Edit Settings to access the Integrations Settings.

Business Hours

Select the Timezone and Availability for your number.

If you choose the availability option Custom, you will need to set up the Time Slots for your custom business hours.

Teams & Users

View users and teams assigned to your Number. Add users to the Outgoing Calls Only section if you wish for them to make calls and view all activity, but not receive incoming calls.

📚 Learn more about Numbers: Settings and Call Distribution.

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