In the top section of the Dashboard, you will have the option to submit Feedback to Aircall, contact Support, and access the Knowledge Base.

Submitting Feedback

Have feedback for us? Submit your feedback by clicking here.


Whether you want to chat with support, submit a support ticket, or access the Knowledge Base, you can do so within the Help menu.

Click on Chat with us to open up the chat window to start a conversation with Support.

⚠️ Please note that chats are not currently supported in Spanish or German, and all Spanish/German chats will be redirected to our English chat. If you would like to speak with our Support in either Spanish or German, please raise a ticket or reach out by phone.

Click on Report an issue to be taken to the Support Portal to submit a ticket with our team.

📚 See Support business hours and more information on how to submit a ticket.

📚 Learn about Setting Up Your Aircall Support Ticket Account in Jira.

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