When installing the Microsoft Teams - Aircall Notifications Integration, an Admin will first need to install for the whole organization, then Users will need to add the Aircall application from Microsoft’s Marketplace to use it.

Admin Installation

First, make sure that you have Admin privileges in both Microsoft Teams and Aircall. Please also make sure that you are using the same email address for both accounts.

Once you have confirmed these requirements, you are ready to install:

  • In Microsoft Teams, click on the Apps section in the left-hand menu. Search for “Aircall”

  • Select the application titled “Aircall,” then click “Add”

  • Accept permissions by clicking “Continue” in the pop-up that appear

💡 You should only need to accept these permissions the first time you access this page.

  • On the page you are redirected to, click “Get Started”

  • A new pop-up will show, and you may need to log into your Microsoft Account to continue. Click “Accept” to allow permissions

⚠️ Please note: If an admin denies permissions by mistake, they can be allowed at a later time in Microsoft Teams. Simply go to https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/ → Teams apps → Manage apps → Aircall → Permissions → Review Permissions.

  • If you are not already logged into the Admin Dashboard, you will then be asked to log in

  • Authorize MS Teams to access your Aircall information

    ⚠️ Please note: If you do not see this screen after logging into the Dashboard in the previous step (you may see just Dashboard main page instead), please close out and click “Get Started” again.

  • Add a number to your integration

    ⚠️ Please note: after completing the integration steps, it is important to add, in the Admin Dashboard, all numbers that Users using the integration will be making and receiving calls on to ensure proper status/availability sync.

  • Click “Add Number” to finish the installation


Once you have finished installing the integration, you will need to add all numbers that Users who are using the integration will be making and receiving calls on. This can be done in the Admin Dashboard.

  • Log in to Aircall’s Admin Dashboard

  • Go to the Integrations & API section

  • Click on MS Teams in the My Integrations section

  • Add all necessary numbers in the Connected numbers section

Each user will also need to set up their Availability Sync settings in Microsoft Teams. To access these settings, simply click on the Aircall app in Microsoft teams

⚠️ Please note: Each User using the integration will need to install Aircall in Microsoft Teams. Once the Admin has installed, each user will simply search for Aircall and click the “Add” button. Alternatively, Admins can preinstall it for all users through Microsoft Teams.

Best Practices

  • For easy access to the Aircall app, it is recommended that all users pin Aircall to their sidebar

⚠️ Please make sure to also download the Aircall Desktop application from aircall.io/download. The desktop app will be required to make use of the Click to Dial feature in Microsoft Teams.

📚 For information on requirements and recommendations for the desktop app, please visit: https://help.aircall.io/en/articles/3819472-device-headset-recommendations.

Make sure your operating system is set to open telephone links in Aircall.

📚 For more information on this, please visit: Selecting Your Default Application for Opening Telephone Links.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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