💡 Aircall recently released a new and improved version of our Freshsales integration, which will be rolled out to all Users on January 18th, 2022. With minor improvements to the user experience and functionality, here are the main changes users can look for:

Improved Integration Settings

Previous behavior: Users made their settings selections during installation and had to reinstall the integration to make any changes.

Users will now be able to find their integration settings directly within the Aircall Admin Dashboard, which can be changed at any time without having to reinstall the integration.

Improved Call Logging

Previous behavior: Aircall calls only showed as Sales Activities in Freshsales, and did not show the correct time in the logs, defaulting to the time 00:00 instead.

In addition to a Sales Activity, calls will now be visible as Call Logs in Freshsales. Call logs will also now show the correct time that a call was made/received.

Improved Insight Cards

Previous behavior: Limited information was shown in the insight cards, and multiple records were sometimes displayed, even if one of the records had been deleted.

Insight Cards will now display the following information for each of the three types of records Aircall logs to:

  • Sales account - Title and Sales Owner

  • Contact - Title, Email and Sales Owner

  • Lead: Title, Email, Company and Sales Owner

Insight cards will also no longer show multiple/deleted records, and will only show the one relevant record for each call.

Migration Information:

Please note that once the improved Freshsales integration is released, existing users of the integration will need to install the new version (Freshsales v2), then deactivate their current integration. Users can change the activation status of each integration instance by clicking on “Configure.”

The below screenshot shows how your two integration instances should appear side by side in the Admin Dashboard. The color of the dot to the right represents whether it’s activated (green) or deactivated (red).

All existing records will be migrated automatically and seamlessly with no expected downtime.

Companies who are new to the Freshsales integration will simply need to install the integration from the Admin Dashboard.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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