💡 Please note that these Salesforce integration updates are part of a tiered roll-out occurring through January 2022, so existing customers may not see changes until updates are launched for their tier.

Aircall has begun rolling out a new version of the Salesforce integration with some minor performance improvements. Here are the current changes to look for:

Integration Configuration

In the Integrations section of your Aircall Dashboard, existing customers will see two versions of the Salesforce integration:

The new version of the Salesforce integration will be activated automatically, and the old version of the Salesforce integration will be deactivated automatically.

To confirm, click “Configure” next to each integration instance to view the activation status.

New customers from February 1, 2022 will only see one version of the Salesforce integration in their Dashboard.

Call Ownership

Aircall will allow Admins to choose a default User that calls will be assigned to in Salesforce in the case that no User can be found otherwise.

Example: Contact A calls your company’s main line. Unfortunately no one is available to answer, and thus the call is missed. Since no User answered the call, and thus there is no User recognized to assign the call to, the call will be assigned to the default User selected in your settings within your Aircall Dashboard.

This allows you to more efficiently handle missed calls and any other calls that may not have a recognized User to be assigned to.

Please note that you will also have the option to leave these calls unassigned if you wish.

Record Association

Aircall will allow calls to log onto both Accounts and Cases/Opportunities. If a call creates a Task that is logged to an Account, it will now be logged to the Case or Opportunity associated with that Account.

Improved Click-to-Dial Call Logging

When using click-to-dial from a contact record in Salesforce, the outbound call will log under that specific contact—even if there are multiple contacts with the same phone number in Salesforce. (Previously, the call would log only under the last updated contact record).

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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