With Aircall’s integration with Microsoft Teams, Users will be able to easily keep their statuses in sync, and call out to contacts directly from their Teams page.

For information on installing/configuring the integration, please visit How to Configure Your Microsoft Teams - Aircall App Integration.

Availability Sync

Once installed, users will be able to map their Microsoft Teams availability with their Aircall availability. Should a user need to set themselves to Away in Microsoft Teams, they can choose if that automatically sets them as Unavailable on Aircall. If a user takes a call with Aircall, they can choose if that automatically sets them as Busy in Microsoft Teams.

If a user wishes to not sync availability at all, they can toggle it off at the top of the page. Users are able to turn availability sync on or off at any time.

⚠️ Please note: When toggled on, Availability Sync will function at all times of the day, including after any Working Hours set in Aircall. Should a user be outside of their Working Hours in Aircall, and thus be Unavailable, but change their status in Microsoft Teams to Available or another status mapped to change the Aircall status to Available, the User will be made Available in Aircall.

Click to Dial/Calling from Microsoft Teams

Once installed, users will be able to call a contact they may be speaking with, directly from the Chat page.

From the chat page, simple click on the Aircall icon to open Aircall’s Click to Dial pop-up:

You will then be able to view all Chat Members in your chat and select the one you would like to call:

Once you’ve selected the member you would like to call, simply click the phone icon next to the number you would like to reach them at:

This will open your Aircall app to the Keypad page, with the number autofilled. All you will need to do now is click the call icon in Aircall to start the call:


Aircall Desktop Application

In order for the Click to Dial feature to function properly, you must have the Aircall Desktop application installed. The application can be downloaded at aircall.io/download, and for information on hardware requirements and recommendations, please visit: Device & Headset Recommendations.

⚠️ Please note: Click to Dial will not function on Chromebook devices as the Aircall Desktop application is not supported for Chromebooks at this time.

Active Chat

In order to use Click to Dial in a chat, users must have sent or received at least one message to the contact they wish to call. If a chat with a contact is open, but no message has been sent or received yet, the Click to Dial feature will not work.

Number Format

In order for Click to Dial to function properly, each phone number for contacts a user wishes to call must contain the country code.

Tel Link Settings

In order for the integration to be successful in opening Aircall, please make sure that Aircall is set as the default application for opening Tel links. For more information on this, please visit: Selecting Your Default Application for Opening Telephone Links

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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