After the initial Salesforce migration, users may have noticed that calls were no longer logging in Salesforce if they were initially received on IVR numbers, unless the IVR number was assigned to the integration.

This functionality has been updated, and calls initially received on IVR numbers now will log in Salesforce, regardless of if the IVR is assigned, as long as the redirection number for the IVR option the caller selected is assigned to the integration.

⚠️ Please note that while it is not required, as a best practice it is recommended that appropriate IVR numbers are assigned to the integration. For example, if your Sales team is reached by calling a general IVR number then selecting option 2, it is recommended to have both the IVR number and the phone number option 2 directs to assigned to the integration to ensure all calls are logged. In the case the IVR is not assigned, calls that connect to the option 2 number will still log, but any calls disconnected on the IVR number will not (including any calls that go to an after hours message if the number is currently closed or outside of business hours).

Any users that have assigned IVR numbers to their integration that they no longer want to include, may now remove assignment of those IVR numbers, with no impact on call logging for the redirection/option lines.

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