With the Salesforce migration, the Aircall-Salesforce Omni-Channel feature was updated to streamline functionality and make it easier to understand availability statuses.

During the initial steps of the migration, Omni-Channel was only available on our previous Salesforce integration version, but it has now been added to the current integration for all users.

If you are installing Salesforce for the first time, no action is required, and you will want to simply follow the installation steps as detailed in the install flow, and found in our article here. You can install the Omni-Channel package while installing your Salesforce integration, or can install it after by following these steps.

If you were migrated to our new Salesforce integration, and returned to the previous version to continue using Omni-Channel, it is recommended that you install our new CTI package if you haven't already, then install our new Omni-Channel package and update your Endpoint and Omni-Channel Token as detailed here. Once these packages have been installed and set up, reactivate your new Salesforce integration, and deactivate the older version.

If you were migrated to our new Salesforce integration, and never returned to the previous version, but would now like to try Omni-Channel, please ensure you have downloaded our new CTI package then simply follow the steps here.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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