In the Aircall Dashboard, Admins can now manage the Call History for their account, in addition to Tags and Blocked Numbers. These features can be found in the Call Settings section of the Dashboard.

Call Events

In the Call history section, Admins will find a table displaying all call events for their account that occurred in the last six months.

Call details will be available for the following call direction types:







Missed Voicemail

Not Connected


Missed/Out of Business Hours

Key call event information will be available, including:

  • Start/End Time

  • Aircall Number/Customer Number

  • In-call Duration

  • User/Team

  • Call ID

  • Admins can also listen to call recordings and voicemails directly from the call events table.

Filtering Call Data

Filter call event data with the following filter options:

  • Date

  • Call Type

  • Aircall Number

  • Customer Number

  • Users

  • Team

  • Call ID

Once the filters have been applied, click the refresh button to update the call data.

Exporting Data

  • To download an export of the current table results, go to the menu in the upper right-hand corner, next to the refresh button.

  • In the menu, select Download.

  • Choose the Format and Download.

Your file will be downloaded directly in your browser!

Query limits

Please note that this table will only display a maximum of 1000 calls on your Aircall account. To download an export of the complete set of call results, navigate to the menu on the top right-hand side of the table, within the call event row.

  • In the menu, select Download data.

  • Click on Advanced data options and choose All results. Finally, select Download.

Your file will be downloaded, and you will see it saved with the title 'Call Log Tile'

For more information on Exporting Call data, please visit: Export Data Options in Aircall Analytics.

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