When trying to install Aircall in a sandbox environment, you receive the following error: 'You reached the limit of dashboards'. This message indicates that your company has no more Salesforce Dashboards available for use.

Root Cause

The number of Salesforce Dashboards you can configure depends on your Salesforce edition. You can between 5 and 10 Dynamic Dashboards depending on the edition.

When you have reached your Dashboard limit, you are no longer able to save another one.


  • Consider increasing your Dashboard limit.

🔗 Please refer to this Salesforce article to learn more about purchasing additional licenses.

  • Delete dashboards in your sandbox environment and clear your Recycle Bin for the deleted Dashboards. Once they are removed from the Recycle Bin, you will be able to create a new Dynamic Dashboard and install the Salesforce CTI.

⚠️ Please note that deleted dashboards that are in the recycling bin count towards your dashboard limit and they need to be permanently removed from the Recycle Bin to no longer count.

🔗 You can refer to this salesforce article to learn more about how to delete a dashboard.

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