If you notice that there are calls made or received that are not producing recordings, please read on to understand what may be the cause.

Call Recording Settings

First, you will need to make sure that call recording is enabled in your number settings. The recording setting will need to be enabled for each number that you want to record calls for. This can be done for both inbound and outbound calls, and these settings are managed in the Dashboard:

  • Log in to the Dashboard.

  • Go to the Numbers section in the left-hand navigation bar.

  • Select the number you want to enable call recording for.

  • In the Settings tab, navigate to the Call recording section.

  • Toggle ON to start recording automatically for Incoming and Outgoing calls.

Please be aware that if the setting Allow the user to start/pause recording is enabled, users will be able to start or pause the recording on the app. If a user has paused a recording, this may be the reason for the recording being unavailable.

Call Recording Length

It is important to note that a call’s duration will affect whether or not a call will be recorded. In order for a call to be recorded, the following criteria must be met:

  • The call must be answered.

  • There must be active communication for at least 5 seconds.

⚠️ Any calls that do not meet the criteria will not produce a recording. This includes voicemails left that are less than the 5-second duration threshold.

📚 Learn more about how to listen to call recordings and voicemails from the Dashboard and Phone Application.

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