Before starting, make sure that you are an Admin in Aircall and have access to REIsift.

Installing REISift

  • This will open the install flow in Aircall. Click on Authorize to continue

  • Finally, select a Number and click Add Number, or click Skip for now

Please note that in order for call activity to log in REISift, at least one number will need to be selected. If you would like to add or remove numbers associated with your integration at any point, you can do so directly in the Aircall Dashboard.

Configuring REISift

  • Once your integration has been installed, you will be redirected back to REISift where you can configure your users. You will be able to map each Aircall user in your company to their appropriate REISift user account. This ensures each of your users' calls is appropriately noted as being made/received by them in REISift

  • After mapping your users, you will want to navigate back to the Aircall Dashboard. Click on Integrations & API in the left sidebar menu, then find and click on your REISift integration from the My integrations section. From here you will be able to add/remove any numbers to/from your integration

Please note that only calls to/from the numbers assigned to your integration here will be reflected in your REISift call history.

Using Your REISift Integration

  • Each time a call is made/received to/from one of the Aircall numbers assigned to your integration, that call will log in the Activity Log of the appropriate Record:

  • Each time a call is received from a Record in REISift, an insight card will be displayed showing information such as the record owner, mailing address, and owned properties

  • Aircall's Browser Extension allows users of REISift to both Click to Dial and Powerdial directly from within REISift

For more information on how Aircall and REISift work together, please visit

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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