💡 Aircall will soon be releasing a new and improved version of our Intercom integration. With improvements to the user experience and functionality, here are the main changes users can look for:

New Features

SMS Logging

With our new Intercom integration, SMS messages will now be able to be logged to new or existing conversations.

Tag Sync

Tags left on calls will now sync to Open or Closed conversations.


Improved Call Logging

Previous behavior: Calls could only be logged to new Open or Closed conversations.

Users will now be able to choose if they want calls to log to a new conversation or the most recent open conversation. They will also be able to choose if these conversations log as Open or Closed. Users will also be able to choose separate options now for Missed Calls with Voicemails and Missed Calls without Voicemails.

Improved Call Assignment

Previous behavior: Missed calls and Voicemails were automatically assigned to the Admin who set up the integration. Calls stay assigned to the user who initially made/received the call, meaning if the call was transferred to another user, or was assigned in one of Aircall's Phone apps to another user, that would not be reflected in Intercom.

New Conversations that are made for Missed Calls or Voicemails will now be left unassigned. This will allow Users to trigger inbox rules within Intercom to appropriately assign these types of calls to the Users/Teams they think are best.

Conversations in Intercom for Calls will now be assigned to the appropriate user based on transfers/assignments. If a call is successfully transferred to another user, or is assigned to another user in the Phone App, the Intercom Conversation will also be assigned to the new user.

Improved Insight Cards

Previous behavior: Insight Cards provided only a link to the contact page in Intercom.

Insight cards will now provide a link to the contact page, as well as the name of the contact and the contact type (User or Lead).

Additionally, Conversation information will now be shown in new Insight cards. Users will be able to see a link to the most recent Open Conversation, or the most recent Closed Conversation if there are no Open ones, along with the Status and the Owner of the Conversation (with the Owner's current availability if they are an Aircall User).

Improved Contact Creation

Previous behavior: Calls to/from numbers that are not saved in Intercom could only be set to create a new Lead or nothing.

Users will now be able to choose to create a new Lead, a new User, or nothing. This option will apply to both calls and SMS messages to/from numbers that are not saved in Intercom.

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