If you are looking to optimize call distribution and increase efficiency, it is useful to understand and make use of Aircall's call routing logic and ringing rules.

📚 See here to learn more about operational availability, ringing rules for teams, and explore use case examples.

Although we do not offer a call waiting feature at this time, we do support similar functionality in the phone application.

Respect Queue Time -

The Respect Queuing Time (or RQT) feature, allows you to configure your calls to continue ringing for the maximum queue time established for your team, regardless of the agent status.

RQT will be toggled OFF for each number, by default. If toggled ON, calls will wait in the queue regardless of if agents are disconnected from, or set to Do Not Disturb in the application.

Call Forwarding -

Aircall's Forward to external number feature allows you to set up a transfer for your incoming calls from your Aircall phone app to an external mobile or landline number of your choice. This feature is useful for taking calls on the go when you need to be away from your desk.

⚠️ Please note that the Forward to external number feature is not the same as using the mobile application. Users must be careful not to forward calls to a mobile device that could cause simultaneous ringing of the Aircall mobile app and native calls. When both options are enabled, you will experience service interruptions.

Parallel calling -

With traditional call waiting, users can answer a separate incoming call by placing an in-progress call on hold.

With Parallel Calling, while you can not answer a separate incoming call, you can put an in-progress call on hold and start an outbound call with another contact, switching back between both conversations as needed.

⚠️ Please note that parallel calling cannot be used with internal calls or calls between teammates on Aircall.

Call Conferencing -

Our Conference Call feature allows you to instantly add an additional caller to your conversation during an inbound or outbound call.

You can add a registered contact name, a new number, or a teammate's name to the call. Once you have initiated a call with a participant, you can continue adding members, or you may add more than one participant to the call from the beginning.

⚠️ Please note that you can only have a maximum of five participants in a Conference Call.

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