Aircall currently has two permission roles: Admin and User.

Users will have the ability to access Aircall's phone applications (the Desktop App, Mobile App, and, while Admins will have access to Aircall's phone applications and the Admin Dashboard.

To help guide Users to the correct applications, Aircall will present a message for any non-Admins trying to log into the Dashboard:

⚠️ Please note, both the login page at and the login button on direct to the Aircall Dashboard. For more information, please visit Logging into the Aircall Dashboard.

If you are a User who has been redirected to this page, simply click Get Aircall for desktop and mobile to access the download page for Aircall's phone applications. If you have already installed a phone application, or would like to log in to the Web App, simply open your Desktop App, Mobile App, or navigate to to sign in.

If you are a User that needs Admin access, please reach out to one of the current Admins on your Aircall account to enable Admin Privileges for your login.

If you have confirmed that you already have Admin access, but are still unable to login, please make sure to clear your cookies & cache and try again.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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