⚠️ Please note that Aircall does not currently support Number Masking.

What is Number Masking?

Number Masking is a strategy used to keep personal numbers private by routing calls through a temporary alternative number.

This is different than Call Spoofing, which is also not supported by Aircall. In the United States, Aircall is able to help with changing the name that is displayed for your numbers when making calls, however Aircall is not able to change the number that is displayed (more details about this are in our Caller ID article).

What Can I Do With Aircall?

If wish to make calls with a number that is different from the ones you usually use, we would suggest purchasing a new number in your Admin Dashboard for this purpose.

If you wish to be able to make outbound calls from a number that customers/clients will not be able to you reach you back on, we would suggest configuring the business hours of the line to always be closed, that way callers will be directed straight to an automated message (more details about this can be found in our article Configuring your Aircall Phone Line Business Hours).

If you wish to have inbound calls to one of your Aircall numbers be redirected to an external, non-Aircall number, you can make use of our Forward to External Number feature.

If you would like to add an external number to your Admin Dashboard, so that it can be used for both inbound and outbound calls via Aircall, you are able to do so, as long as the number is hosted on the service Twilio. For any Twilio numbers you may have, you are able to SIP Trunk those for use with Aircall.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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