Contacts in the Aircall app that have been synched utilizing the contact synchronization feature can be found in the Sources section of the contact details.

How are contacts built in Aircall when merging multiple contact sources from your integrations?

Contacts displayed in Aircall will be formed by merging collective data from the integration contact sources. The contacts will be ranked and assigned priority based on the completeness of a source. The contact source that is assigned the highest priority will act as the primary contact and have priority in what is displayed.

⚠️ Please note that invalid phone numbers will not be synchronized. This is the case for both the main and secondary phone number fields.

⚠️ Please note that emojis are not supported in contact attributes in Aircall. Any emojis in a contact's details will be removed in Aircall.

How is a contact created in the case of “concurrent” contact data?

If there is information that is concurrent or existing in multiple contact sources (e.g. last name information), the source with the most comprehensive information will be prioritized and supersede any other concurrent data. In our examples, Salesforce would be prioritized in case of concurrent data (first name, email, and company name are present in Salesforce and not in HubSpot).

Editing an existing CRM contact in Aircall

To modify or edit an existing CRM contact from the Aircall application, click the edit button to be taken to the selected CRM to edit.

⚠️ Please be aware that contacts that are saved in the integration, but not in Aircall yet, will be saved, and synced, into Aircall once a call has been made/received to/from the contact. Once synced, any changes made to the contact in the integration will be reflected in Aircall upon the next call with the contact, or after clicking on Edit in X integration (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot) and then defocus/refocus on the phone.

Impact on contacts when deleting an integration

If an integration is deleted, all the contacts included in that integration will be removed as well. Any contact information from the deleted integration will no longer be available in the Aircall contact details.

Storing merged contact

When a user attempts to create a contact with a name or phone number matching an existing contact name or number, a message will appear, informing the user that a contact already exists with a similar name or number.

If the user clicks on save, then the system will ask if the contact should be merged.

If a user does not choose to merge the contact, the contact details will be stored as two separate records. However, if the user indicates that the information can be merged, all the attributes will be stored together.

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