Beginning on 15th May 2022, all newly purchased US/Canada Toll-Free numbers will require verification for messaging compliance in order to use SMS services.

US/Canada Toll-Free numbers purchased or obtained prior to 15 May 2022 will have until 30 September 2022 for verification.

This industry-wide process is jointly managed by Aircall and our suppliers and carriers providing US/Canada Toll-Free numbers. This verification reduces the risk of message filtering on Toll-Free traffic toward all major networks in the United States and many major networks in Canada.

If a Toll-Free number is not verified or if the submitted verification documentation is rejected, outgoing SMS traffic may be blocked for the unregistered Toll-Free number. While submitted verification is pending, outbound SMS traffic will be open.

This process will not impact inbound SMS traffic or voice services.

If your company has registered numbers for A2P 10DLC, you will be required to submit new information unique to your Toll-Free US/Canada numbers for messaging compliance as A2P 10DLC does not apply to Toll-Free numbers.

Unlike A2P 10DLC, which has requirements for registration based on volume and use case, this registration is required for all Toll-Free US/Canada numbers regardless of messaging volume or use case.

For information about A2P 10DLC, please visit the following articles:

US/Canada Toll-Free Number Verification

You will be required to provide the following information for your US/Canada Toll-Free numbers:

  • Business Name

  • Company Website

  • Business Address

  • Compliance Contact (someone at your business who can respond to compliance questions if they arise)

  • Expected Monthly Message Volume

  • Toll-Free numbers to be verified

  • Use Case / Description of the Use Case*

  • Production Message Content (samples that reflect the type of messages you will be sending)

  • Opt-in Description (how do your recipients provide consent to receive messages?)

  • Opt-in details (link to, an image of, or scanned copy of the opt-in page or process)

*Here are examples of use cases:

  • 2FA

  • App Notifications

  • Appointments

  • Auctions

  • Auto Repair Services

  • Bank Transfers

  • Billing

  • Booking Confirmations

  • Business Updates

  • COVID-19 Alerts

  • Career Training

  • Chatbot

  • Conversational / Alerts

  • Courier Services & Deliveries

  • Emergency Alerts

  • Events & Planning

  • Financial Services

  • Fraud Alerts

  • Fundraising

  • General Marketing

  • General School Updates

  • HR / Staffing

  • Healthcare Alerts

  • Housing Community Updates

  • Insurance Services

  • Job Dispatch

  • Legal Services

  • Mixed

  • Motivational Reminders

  • Notary Notifications

  • Order Notifications

  • Political

  • Public Works

  • Real Estate Services

  • Religious Services

  • Repair and Diagnostics Alerts

  • Rewards Program

  • Surveys

  • System Alerts

  • Voting Reminders

  • Waitlist Alerts

  • Webinar Reminders

  • Workshop Alerts

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