Now Admins have at their fingertips a more comprehensive and actionable Overview dashboard with new data, and updated visualizations.

The new Overview dashboard can be found in the Stats section. It will be listed as 'Beta' as we begin deprecating the old section in the coming weeks.


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Admins now have more filters and settings:

  • Date range (up to 6 months back)

  • Date breakdown: hours, days, weeks, months

  • Phone number

  • Set the SLA time that is used in the inbound calls section

  • Set the time zone for all the charts and cards in the dashboard

💡Tip: These filters and settings can be hidden by clicking on the filters icon in the upper right corner. In addition, clicking on the menu in the upper right Admins can download the data as it’s shown in the dashboard, and also reset the filters.

KPIs are divided in the following sections:

  1. Total calls

  2. Inbound calls

  3. Outbound calls

  4. Tags

  5. Calls by main participant

  6. SMS (if your company has enabled Aircall’s native SMS, only available in some markets).

💡Tip: To download the data shown in any of the charts in these sections, click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the tile. You will be able to choose the format, and visualization options for the data download.

1. Total calls

This section features a high level view of your company’s call activity, shown with 3 summary cards, and a bar chart where you can see their evolution over time.

The meaning of each breakdown is:

  • Total calls: Number of inbound and outbound calls

  • Inbound calls: Number of incoming calls that were either answered, missed, abandoned, out of business hours, or calls that went to voicemail

  • Outbound calls: Number of outgoing calls, either connected or not connected

💡Tip: To focus on only one call direction activity evolution over time, you can hide either the Outbound calls or the Inbound calls by clicking on the labels at the right of the graph. When a call direction figures are hidden in the chart, the colored dot in its legend will appear gray.

2. Inbound calls

This section features your company’s incoming calls activity through 3 visualizations to get granular insights on your inbound activity.

The first visualization is composed of 3 cards:

  • Missed calls: Percentage of inbound calls that were missed by your users, abandoned by the caller, or received out of business hours

  • Service level: Percentage of inbound calls that reached your call distribution flow and were answered by your users during your defined SLA time

  • Average waiting duration: Average time spent by the caller going through the call distribution until the call is answered by one of your users

The second visualization drills down into missed calls reasons, and is composed of a stacked bar showing the number of missed calls for each reason, accompanied by a list showing the percentage of missed calls for each reason.

The list shows what each reason means, and suggestions to improve these figures:

💡Tip: To focus the stacked bar visualization on fewer missed reasons, you can hide any of the reasons labels from the bar by clicking on the labels at the bottom of the tile. When a missed reason is hidden, the colored dot of its label will be gray.

The third visualization is a bar chart showing the evolution in time of missed calls grouped by:

  • Answered Calls

  • Out of business hours

  • Abandoned by the caller, during either the first 10 seconds, the welcome message, or when navigating the IVR.

  • Missed by the user, either because no agent answered the call or no agent was available

💡Tip: To focus the chart visualization on fewer missed calls reasons, you can hide any of the groups by clicking on the labels at the right of the graph. When a missed reason is hidden in the chart, its label colored dot will appear gray.

3. Outbound calls

This section provides insights on your company’s outgoing calls activity. You will see 2 cards showing:

  • Connected rate: Percentage of the total outbound calls that reached the recipient, including both answered by a real person, and by a voicemail

  • Average in-call time: Average time the outbound calls last, taking as the starting point when the recipient first answers the call

Below the cards, you will find a bar chart showing the evolution over time of the quantity of connected and not connected outbound calls:

💡Tip: To focus on only one call outcome evolution over time, you can hide either the Not connected calls or the Connected calls by clicking on the labels at the right of the graph. When a call outcome figures are hidden in the chart, its colored dot will appear gray.

4. Tags

In this section you will see what percentage of the Total calls do not have any tags applied, and a pie chart showing the most used tags broken down by percentages.

💡Tip: Hover over each tag piece of the pie chart to see the number of times each tag was used.

5. Calls by main participant

This section substitutes the former Increase your productivity section.

The leaderboard visualization has been updated to a table showing total, inbound and outbound calls by user so this information is now sortable, filterable, and exportable.

⚠️ Please note that the main participant of a call is whoever finalizes it. A call may have more than one participant, but on this table only the last user participating on a call gets credited for it. Missed inbound calls and transferred outbound calls will not have main users associated with them.

💡Tip: Hover over each column header to perform any of these actions:

  • See the column meaning.

  • Click on the 3 dots to: freeze, copy values, or to resize columns.

  • Sort the table by that column’s ascending or descending order.

6. SMS

If SMS is available for your account, in this section you’ll find details about text messages sent or received during the selected period, split between Total SMS, Inbound SMS, and Outbound SMS.

Downloading Calls

To download All call data, which was accessible from the old Overview dashboard, Admins will now find this data in the Call History section, under Call Settings. In order to get all data, and not only the results displayed on the table (up to 1000 rows), make sure to download the data from the table tile, and select “All results” in the advanced options:

For more information on Exporting Call data, please visit: Export Data Options in Aircall Analytics.

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