Aircall’s integration with Pipedrive empowers users to make the most out of both Aircall and Pipedrive. With features such as Contact Sync, Insight Cards, and Call logging, the Pipedrive integration brings the information you need to where you need it.

Contact Sync

With the Pipedrive integration you are able to automatically sync your saved Contacts/People in Pipedrive with your Aircall phone application so that when making calls, the name of your Contact/Person is automatically shown.

For Contact sync to function properly, please make sure to save all numbers in Pipedrive with the E164 format (+15555555555).

Contact sync with Pipedrive will function if a validly formatted number (E164) is found in the Pipedrive Contact/Person's Phone field.

When a Contact/Person is found in Pipedrive, and Contact sync is enabled in the dashboard settings, the Phone and Name will all be added to the Contact in Aircall. Additionally a link directly to the Pipedrive Contact/Person will be provided in that Aircall Contact.

For synchronized Contacts, you can update them as needed directly in Intercom by follow the Edit in Intercom link:

Insight Cards

For each call in which a Contact/Person is already saved in Pipedrive, or when a new Contact/Person is set to be created in Pipedrive for numbers that are not already saved, an insight card will be shown in your Aircall phone app with a clickable link that takes Aircall users to the Pipedrive Contact/Person.

Logging Calls to Existing Contacts/People

All calls to and from a phone number that is saved on a Contact/Person in Pipedrive, in a valid format, will be logged as an Activity associated to that Contact/Person, based on your integration settings.

Logging Calls to a New Contact/Person

If no Contact/Person in Pipedrive matches the number that is calling/being called, and your settings in the dashboard are such that you want a new Contact/Person to be created in Pipedrive, at this point it will be created.

The new Contact/Person will be created with the following information:

  • Name = '[Phone number in E.164 Format, without the +] Aircall new contact' (e.g. 33102030405 Aircall new contact)

  • Phone = Phone number in E.164 Format

Call Logs - Field and Information

Each call will be logged based on your integration settings. Calls will be created as Pipedrive Activities, and will be assigned based on the following logic:

  1. Inbound Call is answered:

    If the answering user has the same email in both Pipedrive and Aircall, the Activity will be assigned to them.

    If the emails do not match, then the Activity will be assigned to the Pipedrive admin who set up the integration.

  2. Inbound Call is not answered:

    If an inbound call is missed, the Activity will be assigned to the Owner of the Pipedrive Contact/Person.

    If no Owner can be found, the Activity will be assigned to the Pipedrive admin who set up the integration.

  3. Outbound Call:

    If the user making the call has the same email in both Pipedrive and Aircall, the Activity will be assigned to them.

    If the emails do not match, then the Activity will be assigned to the Pipedrive admin who set up the integration.

⚠️ Please note that if the call would have been assigned to the Pipedrive admin who set up the integration, but the admin cannot be found, then the call is assigned to no user.

Each Activity will be titled based on the direction of the call, if it was answered, and if a voicemail was left, as well as the name of the Aircall number the call was made/received on:

'['Inbound answered call', 'Outbound answered call', 'Outbound unanswered call', 'Missed call', or 'Voicemail'] on [Aircall number name]'

The Activity will also include the Date and Time of the call, as well as Notes which include:

  • The title of the Activity (as described above)

  • The Caller Phone number/Number called : The external number that made/received the call, in E.164 format

  • The Aircall number

  • Waiting time for missed inbound calls or Duration for connected inbound and outbound calls

  • The Recording/Voicemail link

  • Any notes left in the Aircall app, as well as the user who left the notes

Important Notes

  • If you have two Contacts/People that are saved with the same number, Aircall will log to the Contact/Person that is found first when searching Pipedrive. This generally would be the Person that was most recently updated.

  • Numbers must be saved in the Phone field. If a Contact/Person has a number saved in another field (for example, Phone Field 2) calls to/from that number will not be logged to the Person.

  • Calls are logged directly to Contacts/People, and cannot be logged directly to Deals or Organizations. If a number is saved only to an Organization, the call will either be logged to a new Contact/Person, or will not be logged at all, depending on your integration settings.

  • If a Contact/Person is associated with an open Deal or an Organization, calls will be logged to the Deal and/or Organization by association.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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