With Aircall's ActiveCampaign integration, users are able to leverage call data, review customer calls at scale, personalize conversations and elevate the customer experience, and place calls from ActiveCampaign with Click-to-Dial.

Below is an overview of how you can use Aircall connected with ActiveCampaign. For more information on how to configure your ActiveCampaign with Aircall, please click here.

Contact Creation:

Calls from unknown numbers will create a new Contact record in ActiveCampaign with the phone number attached:

Sales reps can then edit the name, email, and account after the call ends:

Call Logging

After making or receiving a call, the Call Date, Time, Aircall Agent Name, Direction, Disposition, Comments, Aircall Phone Number Name, Aircall Phone Number Digits, Tags, Recording Link, Duration, Aircall Agent Email, Missed Call Reason, Waiting Time, and Agent Transfer Details log on an Aircall custom object on the contact record:

By clicking the three dots to the right of a logged call, users can open the details to view tags and comments:

Calls will be logged to the Aircall custom object in order to allow for:

  • A dedicated view of a Contact’s call history: Aircall data is stored and visible in a dedicated tab within the ActiveCampaign Contact Record

  • Complete historical data on a single contact: Data will not be overwritten, as is the case with custom fields on a standard object

  • Actionable data: Any data included in the Aircall custom object can be actioned on within ActiveCampaign Automations

    • E.g. A missed call triggers an automated email to the customer

    • E.g. A completed call triggers a notification to a sales manager

Insight Card

When making or receiving a call, an insight card will display in Aircall which shows the contact name, email, account name, and a link to ActiveCampaign for the Contact record or the number your calling.

⚠️ Please note: when a contact is first created in ActiveCampaign, these fields need to be manually edited in order to display correctly on the Insight Card. Fields that aren’t updated will display as the placeholder information on the Insight Card.

⚠️ Please note: The ActiveCampaign integration currently only supports E.164 international formatting. To ensure call logging and insight cards are working properly, please make sure your Contacts' numbers are saved in this format.

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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