What is the email domain used for when setting up the ActiveCampaign integration?

ActiveCampaign uses email addresses as their unique identifier. When an inbound call is received we create a new contact with a placeholder email address—for example, +5165268819@acme.com. The placeholder email address can be updated in ActiveCampaign. You can customize the domain when installing your integration.

Tip - If you create a unique email domain, you can create a contact list in ActiveCampaign that captures contacts to be updated. E.g. “add all contacts containing “xxx@tobeupdated.com” to the list”. This gives your team a focused list of contacts to update.

What Aircall data can be used in ActiveCampaign automations?

We push the Call Date, Time, Direction, Disposition, Recording Link, Duration, Tags, and Comments to a custom object called “Aircall”. You can use these data points in “and/if” operators, as well as to start automations.

Check out our Best Practices guide for some inspiration.

P.S - We’re adding more fields as we go. Look forward to reporting on Aircall Agent Name, Aircall Agent Email, Aircall Phone Number Name, Aircall Phone Number Digits, Missed Call Reason, and Waiting Time.

I checked the Aircall custom object on my contact, and I can’t see all that promised information - what gives?

That info is just a click away in the kebab menu (it’s what it’s called, seriously).

If I have two contacts with the same number where will a call log?

Your call will log to the contact that was first created.

Aircall SMS’ don’t log in ActiveCampaign, do you have any solutions?

ActiveCampaign offers a robust SMS tool that works with their automation platform. Reach out to your ActiveCampaign CSM to learn how to add this feature to your plan.

We will be adding Aircall SMS logging in the future. Please contact your CSM if this is a priority for your business

I can see the call on my contact, but the tags and comments haven’t synced. When will they sync?

Please click the X in the “Call Ended” screen on your Aircall phone to complete the sync.

The Aircall click-to-dial feature prevents me from editing a contact's email address. Any ideas?

You can temporarily disable click-to-dial by clicking the Aircall extension and toggling off Highlight Phone Numbers.

Can I use multiple Aircall triggers to start my automation?

You can only use one Aircall trigger when starting automations. You can navigate this by using one automation to trigger another one.

What’s the difference between Aircall Created and Aircall Updated triggers?

When a call is received, a record containing only the call date and direction is created. This is the Aircall Created trigger.

When you complete the call, the remaining data (comments, tags, duration, disposition) is updated on the existing record in ActiveCampaign. This is the Aircall Updated trigger.

Learn more about ActiveCampaign triggers on their Help Center.

Can the integration be used on any ActiveCampaign pricing plan?

It sure can!

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