💡 Please note that Voicemail Transcription is currently in early access. To join the private beta, please contact your account manager.

Starting October 11th, voicemails left to any US, UK, or Australian line in some Aircall accounts will be transcribed, and agents will see these transcripts in their Aircall Phone apps.

Transcriptions currently work best with US English, although we will still try to transcribe voicemails recorded in other English accents. At the moment, transcriptions will not be visible in the Aircall Dashboard or in email notifications.

How it works

Transcriptions can be accessed in the To-do section and in the Call Details of your Desktop & Mobile Phone apps, as well as in the History tab of your Desktop app.

In these locations, you will see a new icon in the lower right for each voicemail, with one of three possible states:

Transcription available

The transcription is in a “ready” state:

  • Clicking the icon opens the transcription.

  • If the voicemail is particularly long, click on “Read more” to expand.

  • Clicking the icon again will close the transcription. Once you have read a transcript, the icon will display a green checkmark (only in Desktop app).

Transcription not available

Aircall was not able to transcribe the voicemail. This could happen because:

  • The recording is in a language Aircall does not support (currently we support only US English).

  • The recording has a lot of background noise and Aircall wasn’t able to transcribe with enough accuracy.

Transcription not available - No speech detected

Aircall did not transcribe the voicemail because it contains only silence.

Regardless of transcription status, you will remain able to listen to the Voicemail as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a voicemail to be transcribed?

The turnaround time for a transcription is typically 2-3 minutes.

I just received a voicemail, why is the transcription icon not visible?

If after 2-3 minutes you don’t see the transcription icon for a voicemail, please try refreshing the screen.

  • If you’re on the Desktop app, right-click anywhere on the app, then click on “Reload”

  • If you’re on the iOS or Android app, swipe down the screen to reload.

Why is the accuracy lower for certain voicemail messages?

The accuracy may vary based on several factors, such as speaker accent, volume, and speed. Accuracy may also be affected by the amount of background noise and the overall quality of the caller’s connection.

How long are transcripts saved?

Voicemails are available in our apps as long as you keep them. Once deleted, voicemail recordings and transcriptions are removed at the same time.

Where are transcripts stored?

Transcripts are stored in the United States. In the future we’ll give options to store them in more regions.

Questions & Feedback

Being in early access means that we are fine tuning our Voicemails transcriptions, so there might be small issues with the experience and accuracy. If you have any comment or feedback, please let your Customer Success Manager know.

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