⚠️ In order to use the Aircall and Odoo integration, make sure to read all the instructions and requirements below:

Please note that this integration is only available with Odoo's CRM feature, and supports Odoo version 15 and 16.

You will have an activation fee of $299 (a one time payment) to access the integration on Odoo's marketplace.

Let’s get your account set up!

Install the Aircall add-on for Odoo:

  • Purchase the Aircall API Integration app from the Odoo app store

  • Download the zip file for the app, the either:

    • Extract the zip file in your custom add-ons

    • Add the extracted folder to you odoo.sh project with permission file

    • OR Add the extracted folder to Odoo On-Premises

  • Restart Odoo

  • Activate developer mode in Odoo

  • Go to the Apps menu and update apps

  • Click on the "Update App List" menu and update the app list

  • Find the Aircall API integration app

  • Click Activate, and install the app

Set up your API token & Webhook page on your Aircall and Odoo accounts:

Admin privileges are required on Aircall to access the Integration and API tab and an access to your Odoo account.

Create an API Token on Aircall

  • Log in to your Aircall Dashboard

  • Go to Integrations & API

  • Under the tab API keys, click Generate an API Key

  • Don’t confirm yet, you will need to copy and paste the API ID and the API Token in your Odoo settings page

Copy & paste your API ID and Api token in your Odoo settings

  • Log in to your Odoo dashboard

  • Go to the Settings tab, and scroll down to find Aircall Auth

  • Copy/paste your API ID and API Token from your Aircall page

Create your Webhook page

To create your Aircall Integration Token, navigate back to your Aircall dashboard

  • Go to Discover integrations in the Integration & API

  • Find and click on Webhook, and then Install

  • On your Webhook page, select and activate exclusively the following events:

    • contact.created - call.created - call.ended - call.tagged - call.untagged - call.commented

  • Copy the URL from your Odoo instance and paste it into the URL field in the Aircall Webhook page

  • Click Add Webhook, then Edit settings

  • Copy paste the token from your Webhook setting in Aircall to the Aircall Integration Token field in Odoo

  • Don’t forget to SAVE and confirm on both your Odoo Settings tab and Aircall Integration & API tab

🎉 Your accounts are set up, it is now time to use your integration.

How to use the integration:

Let’s deep dive into the features available with Aircall & Odoo CRM integration.

Create a contact and synchronize Aircall and Odoo CRM

  • Navigate to the main tab in Odoo

  • Go to the Contact tab, click on Create

  • When creating a contact you will have to fill in four fields - this is a necessary step

    • Make sure to fill the Name, Last Name, Phone (with the country code included) and Email

  • Your Odoobot and the Synched to Aircall checkbox will confirm your account is properly integrated

Automatic synchronization

When a contact is created in Odoo, it will automatically be synched in your Aircall phone. When a contact is created on Aircall, it will automatically be synched on Odoo (but will need to follow the same criteria as Name, Last Name, Phone and Email).

Call logging & call recording

Once a call has ended, a call log will be available on the appropriate contact page and within the opportunity in Odoo. There is approximately a 30 second delay.

If call recordings are enabled, the recording will be attached in the tab Aircall details.

Notes and tags taken during the call will also be available within the call logging as well as, call ID, call duration, user, waiting time, etc.

If a contact has multiple opportunities opened, the call logs will be added to the latest opportunity.

Click to dial & CTI

The integration between Aircall and Odoo enables click to dial and an iframed phone within your odoo account!

You just need to click on the number you wish to call.

Insight cards

Insight cards will be displayed on your Aircall phone each time you receive an inbound call or make an outbound call.

You will have access to:

  • The Contact page

  • The Lead opportunity page

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to support@caretit.com for assistance!

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