An emergency address is now requested for US and Canadian numbers. Where located in the US and Canada, an address is to be provided to responders when a user dials the 911 emergency number. Users are urged to provide an accurate address in case of an emergency which must be kept up to date at all times by users. As such, as soon as Aircall detects that a user is using a US or CA phone number, a popup will be prompted asking them to provide an emergency address. Each emergency address will be linked to a single user.

As a reminder, Aircall supports emergency numbers in other countries not requiring users’ emergency address: Dialing Emergency Numbers

⚠️ Please note: the emergency address feature is only available on Aircall's desktop, web, and CTI applications. For Mobile apps (iOS & Android), all calls to the main emergency numbers across the world are redirected to your native mobile calling app.

When will a user be required to enter an emergency address?

  • Anytime a US or CA number is linked to a user.

How does a user specify an emergency address?

  • Users will have access to the emergency address section in their profile within the application, which can be accessed via the popup displayed when Aircall detects there is no address configured for a specific user, or by going to the Settings tab → User Account → Edit

  • First, select the country:

  • Specify the address

    • Address Line 1 will be the full street information

    • Address Line 2 will be any additional address information, if applicable, such as building, floor number, apartment number, etc

    • City

    • Zip Code

    • State

    • Callback phone number: users will need to provide a number that can be dialed by emergency services to call you back if needed. It is preferable to not choose an IVR number, but rather a direct number, such as your own mobile number. This must be a US or a Canadian number

  • Finally, save the address

    • You are required to confirm to have read and understood the 911 notice

    • Your address will be validated in two steps:

      • Verification of the address. You will receive the following error message if the address cannot be verified:

      • Saving of the address.

        • Users can click the reload icon next to their emergency address status to check if the address has been saved or not:

        • If saved, a geocoded format of the address will be displayed in the form. However, it is the validated format we use to send the address to emergency centers:

        • If the address is not saved or an error occurs, you will be required to re-enter the address

        • If you remain unable to save your address, please reach out to our Support Team

What if a user has a US/CA number, but is not located in the US/CA?

  • The user can specify they are located outside the US or CA when the popup is displayed in the app for the first time:

  • The following message is displayed when a user has specified that they are not located in the US or CA:

How can a user update their emergency address?

  • A user can update their emergency address at any time by navigating to the Settings tab → User Account → Edit

  • They will then update the address following the same process as they did for the initial address creation

Placing a 911 call

  • 911 calls must be dialed from a US or a CA line

  • When the call is placed, two different popups may be displayed:

    • If the user already has an emergency address configured, a popup will appear to invite the user to specify if they are calling from the emergency address already configured:

      • If yes, the call will be sent with the emergency address and the callback number

      • If no, the call will be sent without any information and the call will be routed to a national emergency center. The first responder will ask for the emergency address of the caller

    • If the user has not yet provided an emergency address, a popup will specify that the call will be sent without any information and the call will be routed to a national emergency center. The first responder will ask for the emergency address of the caller

How to test that my address and my callback numbers are correctly registered?

By dialing 933, you will be able to verify the information you provided regarding your emergency address.

⚠️ Please do NOT use 911 for testing. Use 911 only for real emergency calls.

Important Notes:

  • The emergency address provided must be the physical address where the user is located

  • Do NOT include special characters in the form for the address or your first and last names. If the address or name provided contains any special character not in 'A-Za-z0-9,' such as '@', it will return an error

  • The address provided will be verified. Please make sure to enter a valid physical address

  • Suite and apartment numbers must be entered in the “Address Line 2” field

  • Ensure the emergency address is updated whenever you change your physical location

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we will be happy to assist!

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