Please Note: Your numbers must remain active with your previous carrier in order to be ported into Aircall. If you cancel your account with your previous carrier before the numbers have been ported, we will be unable to proceed with the porting.

Number Types & Porting Availability

Number Type


Is Porting Available?

Prefix Examples
(+61 “27” - Sydney, +61 “73” - Brisbane, etc.)

Geographic numbers are local numbers that are assigned to a specific geographic region.


Prefix Examples
(+61 “4”, etc.)

Mobile numbers are assigned by country and in specific ranges so that they can be quickly identified apart from local numbers.


Toll Free
Prefix Examples
(+61 “1800”, etc.)

Toll-free numbers are numbers that are free-of-charge to call from the caller's side.


Shared Cost
Prefix Examples
(+61 “1300”, etc.)

Shared Cost numbers are phone numbers that are not region-specific and are designed for when call costs are shared between the caller and your business.


Mobile Number Requirements

In order to port or purchase Australian mobile numbers you will need to be able to provide the requirements listed below.

Required Information (Mobile Numbers Only)

Acceptable Documents

For Individual End-User: Proof of Identity & Address

  • Utility bill no older than 3 months showing address. (Can be worldwide)

  • Government-issued ID or Passport

For Business End-Users: Extract from the commercial register

  • Commercial registry or equivalent showing address (Can be worldwide)

CAT A (Simple) & CAT C (Complex)

Porting requests in Australia are submitted one of two ways CAT A or CAT C.

CAT A (Simple) - Most common porting request. Used for single lines that are not associated to any type of “Complex Service”. Toll free and Shared Cost numbers are usually CAT A ports.

CAT C (Complex) - Porting request used when the requested numbers are part of a “Complex Service” (ISDN Services, Line Hunt, Fax Services, Number blocks, ADSL Services). Complex ports tend to have a longer lead time due to the complexity surrounding the process.

⚠️ If you are uncertain which category your porting request would be, we recommend contacting your current provider to confirm.

Submitting a Porting Request

If you would like to port your existing phone number to your Aircall account, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The number you would like to port-in

  • Your current carrier

    * If your current carrier is another VoIP service, please reach out to ask them who is the true underlying carrier/owner of the number(s)

  • Full name of the owner of the number

  • Service address on file with current carrier

  • A copy of your most recent invoice

You can submit your porting request to our porting team here.

Additional Help Articles

You can submit your porting request to our porting team here.

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