⚠️ This feature is currently in Early Access. To get access to the private beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

In Aircall, call recordings and voicemails can be transcribed. Make use of transcripts to read through past calls and voicemails instead of listening, allowing you to save time and to better monitor your team's performance.

Call Transcription:

Voicemail Transcription:

How can I access call transcription?

Call transcripts are available on the “Recording” (or “Asset”) page of a call in the dashboard. To access a transcription in Aircall, you can:

  • Go to Call Settings > Call History > Click on the “Play” icon to open the Recording or Voicemail.

  • In some of our CRM and Helpdesk integrations, the asset link for a recording or voicemail is logged after a call, allowing you to click and open the Aircall dashboard link from your call log.

  • Voicemails can be accessed in both the Dashboard and directly in the Aircall Phone applications - Voicemail Transcription.

From the Aircall dashboard

From your CRM or Helpdesk*

Call Settings > History > Click on the “Play” icon

*Only if the asset link is logged for this integration. Example: Salesforce


On the transcription page, you can see:

  1. Transcription section - speakers-separated transcription text of the call. Sentences can be played karaoke style with auto-scroll.

  2. Speakers-separated bars - visual indications on speakers speech time of the agent and the customer.

  3. Smart player - call’s details (participants, dates, duration), audio fast speed, skip 10 sec, share link, download audio.

Who can see the call transcription in the Dashboard?

The rules for access to call transcription are the same as those of call recordings:

All users or teams assigned to the call distribution of the line. Users who are assigned to phone numbers where the feature is enabled will be able to listen to all call recordings within the Phone application pertaining to that phone number. Admins and Supervisors also have the permission to access any call recording.

How soon is transcription available for a new call?

Calls are transcribed immediately after they happen. On average, it takes around 30% of the call duration to transcribe a call. For example - 10 minutes call - would take around 3 minutes to transcribe and show up in your dashboard.

Is transcription available for my calls?

  • Transcription is enabled by default on US, GB, AU and FR numbers

  • Only calls which are recorded can be transcribed!

Transcription can be enabled on any additional number using the line configuration settings.

Which languages are available for transcription?

  • Transcription is available in English or French. More languages will be added over time, starting with Spanish and German in 2023.

  • Only one language is available per number, meaning only calls in the chosen language will be transcribed (for instance, a French Call on an English number with English transcription won’t be transcribed).

I don’t see a transcription for one of my calls, why is that?

When there is no transcription for a recording\voicemail in the dashboard - there is an icon of “no transcription”. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Wait for a few minutes, in case the transcription isn’t ready yetCheck that the audio (voicemail or recording) duration more than 10 seconds and we can clearly hear the speakers

  • Check that transcription toggle is turned on the line (either for Voicemails or Recording)

  • For voicemails - see that voicemails are set on the line. Go to Dashboard > Numbers > Call Distribution > check if at least one voicemail element is in the graph.

  • Call/Voicemail is in the same language as the one configured in the transcription line setting.

  • Check Transcription was activated before the call was made (historical calls and voicemails left before activating the feature won’t be transcribed)

Can I turn the transcription feature off?

Yes, either deactivate Transcription in the line settings to turn off the transcription feature, or deactivate recordings altogether.

Transcription configuration is done at the line level.

To enable \ disable transcription on a line - in the dashboard go to the relevant number (Dashboard > Numbers > [Your Number] > “Settings” Tab > Transcription section.

Does it support calls with more than two speakers ?

For now only calls with two speakers are supported.

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