💡 Aircall has released new updates to the Pipedrive integration. Learn more about the new features and updated functionality we've added.

New Features



Inbound and outbound SMS will log as activities into Pipedrive. They will be a separate type of activity from calls, created by Aircall on install.

Inbound and outbound SMS can log as either a closed or open activity.

Inbound SMS messages from an unknown number will create a new contact in Pipedrive.

Activity Assignment Rules

Inbound SMS to an individual agent’s number will be assigned in Pipedrive to the agent who owns that number.

Inbound SMS to a team number will be assigned to the admin who installed the integration.

When an outbound SMS creates a new activity, the activity will be assigned to the agent who sent the message.

If an agent does not have a Pipedrive account and sends an outbound message, the activity will be assigned to the admin who configured the integration.

Updated Activity Creation -

Each type of call and SMS will now be assigned their own activity type, allowing more advanced analytics to be implemented in Pipedrive directly by segmenting types of activities.

Previously, only one activity type was created - call, which did not allow for segmentation in reporting.

⚠️ Please note that the new activity types are created upon installation/migration of the Pipedrive integration. If an activity type is deleted manually, the integration will need to be reinstalled.

Tag Sync -

Aircall tags can now be synced to objects in Pipedrive.

You will be able to choose to have Aircall tags synced to either an Activity, Deal, Person, or Nothing.

⚠️ Please note you can only select one object for tags to be synced to. If you chose Person or Deal, tags will be synced to a custom field. For Activity tags will sync to the default tags field. Calls can be tagged and untagged within 2 hours of the call happening. After that window, any updates to Aircall tags will not sync to Intercom.

A Note on Call Tags

In order to ensure all tags are appropriately saved, please make sure to click on the X in the end of call screen after each call. Should the page be refreshed or the application closed before clicking this X, tags may not sync properly.

Updated Insight Cards -

Insight Cards for Contacts

Insight cards for contacts will now contain a link to the contact page in Pipedrive, a contact name, and their Organization.

If a call is made/received to/from a new number, the “Name” section will display the phone number followed by the text “Aircall new person”.

Previously, insight cards for contacts only contained a link to the contact page.

Insight Cards for Deals

Insight cards for deals will now appear if the customer has an existing, open or won, deal associated with their contact in Pipedrive.

⚠️ If the client has both open and won deals, the open deals takes priority and the insight cards for those deals will appear first.

Insight cards will show up to 5 open deals and up to 2 won deals. Additionally, insight cards will show the name, status, and owner name of each deal.

Updates to User and Lead Creation -

Inbound calls from new numbers can now be set to create just a new Person, a new Person and a new Lead, or a new Person and a new Deal in Pipedrive.

Previously, calls from new numbers could only create a new Person.

Inbound SMS messages from new numbers will also now be able to make a new Person/Lead/Deal based on the same settings.

Updates to Call Logging -

Calls will be logged as activities on contacts and will be associated with either the last updated deal, or to a lead if there is no deal.

Previously calls logged as activities on contacts and associated only with the last updated deal.

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