💡 Aircall has released new updates to the Zendesk integration. With improvements to the user experience and functionality, here are the main changes users can look for:

Improved Install Flow

Improvements to installing the integration have been made so that now it is easier than ever to connect Aircall to Zendesk. For a full guide on installing, please visit: How to Configure your Zendesk Integration

Improved Ticket Workflow Settings

With new settings in the Dashboard, Admins can now choose for each type of call if they would like calls to create new tickets or log to existing tickets.

For new tickets, Admins can also choose what status the ticket should be set to.

SMS Logging

SMS will now be able to be logged in Zendesk, just like calls!

Updating Ticket Ticket Type and Priority Based on Aircall Tags

Admins will now be able to synchronize Ticket Types and Priorities based on the Aircall Tags used on each call.

New Custom Fields

New custom fields will now be added to Zendesk after installing/updating your integration. Aircall will now log Call Duration, Talk Time, Waiting Time, and the Aircall Call ID.

⚠️ Please note that if calls are set to log to existing tickets, the Call Duration, Talk Time, and Waiting Time fields will show the total durations for all calls (i.e. if Call 1 is 30 seconds and Call 2 is 25 seconds, the Call Duration field will show 55 seconds).

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to assist!

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