One of my numbers can’t connect to the integration - any ideas?

You can only connect a number to a single Salesforce integration. Please check the My Integrations area of your Dashboard for additional integrations to Salesforce.

How do I customize the call outcomes on Sales Engagement?

We can show your custom labels. To learn more, please see our setup guide.

What is the Aircall CTI permission set used for?

We use this permission set to give object and field level permissions to the Aircall Voice Object (AVO). As this permission is directly related to the AVO, it won’t clash with other permissions.

Does the Aircall Voice Object populate when the call is received or answered?

We trigger the creation of the AVO record as soon as the call is received. By nature of being near real-time, you could use AVO creation to trigger automations in Salesforce.

Can you tag calls?

Our first release of Aircall for Sales Engagement doesn’t include tagging. We understand this is an important feature and are working on it. In the meantime, agents can still make or take calls on the Aircall phone desktop application. If tags are critical to your workflow, you may wish to continue using our previous Salesforce integration version.

What happens if an agent selects a call result that doesn’t apply to the caller's current step in Sales Engagement? E.g. the agent selects the result “Interested” but it’s not linked to the current step.

If there are no matching values, it will default to the “No” branch in the current step.

Can I set up a number/line on both Aircall for Sales Engagement and the previous version of the integration?

No - Salesforce only allows one CTI per user.

My agent selected the wrong call result - can we manually fix this before moving to the next step in the cadence?

No - there is no delay in writing call results after clicking the “Close” button, so the caller will be moved to the next step in the cadence. You can go to the relevant AVO record and correct it there, but it will not make any changes to the Sales Engagement cadence.

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