Power through hundreds of calls daily with Aircall for Salesforce Sales Engagement. Increase your team's productivity with automatic call logging, fast-loading CTI, Quick Actions, Aircall Voice Object, and more.

Is this version right for me?

Aircall for Sales Engagement is primarily built for outbound calling via Sales Engagement’s Work Queue. It currently does not support call transfers or tagging, which may impact teams with high inbound call volumes. If you require these features, please consider using this version.

Speak with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about which version is right for your business.

To access this version, you will need to be on an Aircall Professional plan or above.


Call Outcomes in CTI

Aircall puts call outcomes right in the wrap-up screen of the CTI, drastically cutting down admin work for your sellers.

Quick Actions

Sometimes someone else picks up your calls. Guarantee accurate record keeping by giving agents the tools to manually select the correct Contact, Lead, Account, or Case from the CTI.

Calls log in real-time to the Aircall Voice Custom object, ensuring the most up-to-date info on calls made by your team. Use call data to create custom reports, and dashboards, trigger real-time notifications, and other essential workflows.

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