The Aircall Voice Object (AVO) is a multi-relational custom object that stores your call data. This object can be related to any Contact, Lead, or Account record on Salesforce. Use AVO data to create reports and dashboards that measure your team's success with Voice.

Calls & Tasks

In addition to logging to the Aircall Voice Object, calls will log to a Task. Learn more about task logging here.

You can view related tasks by clicking Related from the Aircall Voice Object record. This relationship allows calls to associate with Deals and Cases.

Field Descriptions

Aircall Voice Number

A unique identifier for this Salesforce AVO record. This is different than the Aircall Call I.D. described below.


The owner of this AVO record.

Call Start Date/Time

The date and time the call started in the agents timezone. Started means when the call was placed by the caller, not when the call is connected. Please see “Call Answered Date/Time” for further detail.

Call End Date/Time

The date and time the call was disconnected in the agent’s timezone.

Call Type

The direction of the call. Possible options are Inbound or Outbound.

Detailed Call Type

A deeper layer to Call Type. Possible options are: Inbound Answered, Missed Call, Outbound Answered, Outbound Unanswered.

Aircall Number

The Aircall telephone number that made or received the call.

Is Missed Call?

A check-box noting whether the call was missed or connected. It will appear checked if the inbound call was missed.

External Contact Phone Number

The number of your external contact.

Has Connected?

A check-box noting whether the call was connected. Note this box will appear checked if the call is connected to a voicemail or a real person.

Answered By

Will populate with the user's name when an inbound call is received.


A checkbox indicating whether a voicemail was left. This will appear checked if an inbound caller leaves a voicemail.

Call Answered Date/Time

The date and time the external contact is connected to an agent using Aircall. This may vary from the Call Start Date/Time if an agent wasn’t able to answer immediately.


Stands for Universially Unique I.D. This is a 128 bit label used to identify your call when troubleshooting with Support. Learn more here.

Call Recording/Voicemail

A link to the related call recording or voicemail. This link will open the Aircall dashboard where the recording will play.

Call Resolution

The call resolution for Salesforce’s Sales Engagement. Will be blank if Sales Engagement was not used for that call.

Made By

The Aircall user who placed or received the call.


The country where the external callers number is from.


The unique Aircall Call I.D. May be used by the Aircall Support team to help troubleshooting.

Hour in Timezone

The time in the timezone of the external caller. May vary from the Call Start or Answered Time if your Salesforce instance is set up in a different time-zone.

Number Name

The name of Aircall line. This is setup in the Aircall Dashboard.

Handle Time (Seconds)

The sum of Call Duration and Waiting Time in seconds.

Connection Status

Confirms whether the call was connected or not. Possible statuses include “Connected” and “Unconnected”.

Missed Call Reason

Explains why an inbound call was missed: out of opening hours, short abandoned, abandoned in IVR, abandoned in classic, no available agent or agent did not answer.

Transferred To

If a call was transferred from one agent to another, this will show the second agents name. Please note, this is an upcoming feature and is not available as of today.


This shows the Agent’s timezone (e.g. UTC -6 is Central Time).

Call Tags

Will show tags as made in Aircall.

Waiting Time

The total amount of time the caller has spent on hold after entering the IVR, before being answered. This is expressed as seconds.

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