Please Note: Your numbers must remain active with your previous carrier in order to be ported into Aircall. If you cancel your account with your previous carrier before the numbers have been ported, then we will be unable to proceed with the porting.

Number Types & Porting Availability

Number Type


Is Porting Available?

Prefix Examples
(+1 “609” - New Jersey, +1 “727” - Florida, Etc..)

Geographic numbers are local numbers that are assigned to a specific geographic region. In the US mobile numbers are also tied to geographic prefixes.


Toll Free
Prefix Examples
(+1 “800”, +1 “855”, Etc..)

Toll-free numbers are numbers that are free of charge to call from the caller's side.


Account Number & Security PIN

We recommend contacting your current provider and confirming your account number & security PIN(s) for your numbers before submitting your porting request to Aircall. A security PIN is not always needed to port your lines but your current provider will be able to confirm if they have security PINS associated to your lines.

A security PIN is a four digit numeric sequence that can be required in order to port your numbers successfully.

⚠️ It is possible each number you are porting will have a unique four digit security pin. For example, if you are porting 30 numbers you may need a security PIN for each line.

The Account number is the number associated with the numbers you are porting. This can also vary per line so it is important to confirm all numbers you are wanting to port share the same account number.

⚠️ If a porting request is submitted with numbers that have separate account numbers it may lead to delays if not specified.

Customer Service Record (CSR)

A Customer Service Record (CSR) is a document detailing account information for a given phone number or numbers.

You can request a CSR from your current carrier and it should have all required information needed to port your numbers.

Submitting a porting request with a CSR in addition to your most recent invoice will often lead to faster port processing and less risk of rejected porting orders from your current provider.

Submitting a Porting Request

  • If you would like to port your existing phone number to Aircall, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The number you would like to port-in

  • Your current carrier
    * If your current carrier is another VoIP service, please ask them for the true underlying carrier/owner of the number(s)

  • Full name of the owner of the number

  • Service address on file with current carrier

  • A copy of your most recent invoice

Additional Help Articles

You can submit your porting request to our porting team here.

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